Babak Construction was established in 1975 by Mike Babak who is the sole proprietor. In 1980, the company"s name was changed to Babak Construction Services (BCS) Pty Ltd. Mike completed his trade as a boiler maker and NTC 5 in the former Czechoslovakia. He gained extensive industrial experience whilst living in Germany before he immigrated to South Africa at the end of 1972.


Whilst working in the early 1970"s for the multinational company Genrec as a foreman and site manager it quickly became evident to Mike that that his knowledge and technical expertise were in short supply in South Africa. This gave him the competitive advantage he needed to establish his own business.


By 1981 the company had become a leader in its field. The public sector provided a major source of projects

and BCS serviced the following Government departments:


Public Works department (PWD), Currently The department of Public Works (DPW), the former Transvaal Provincial Administration (TPA) as well as the Department of Defence and Armscor (now Denel).


The company specialises in boiler and steam generating plants and equipment. In this field its focus is on hot water reticulation, boilers and compressed air reticulation. The business has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of steam and steam generation. Over the years, BCS has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the following industries: hospitals, police stations, prisons, laundries, bakeries, schools, food and beverage services, petroleum and tyre manufacturers.


In 2008, senior leadership decided it was necessary to share the wealth of expertise and prosperity which had been accumulated over the years, with employees and associates. In late 2008, a black empowerment company was formed. This company was funded under the principles of broad based black empowerment (BB BE) criteria giving its employees and previous disadvantaged partners the equity which mirrors the new South Africa. In order to complete this undertaking, all BCS"s employees were transferred to the new company. This company continues to service the same markets as BCS did but under the name of Babak Steam Services (Pty) Ltd (BSS).


Key Personal

Mike Babak is the director of the company. He has been doing steam generation and steam and hot water reticulation for the past 30 years and is an expert in this field. His knowledge in this field is unsurpassed by few in the industry, both from an engineering and practical implementation point of view.


The Company has a core complement of 10 qualified artisans in various fields who have all been with the company for longer than 10 years.


  • 2 Certified Coded Welders who are specifically certified to weld on Boilers and steam pipes.
  • 4 Boiler Makers who have extensive experience on Boilers and Auxiliary components.
  • 3 Plumbers who have extensive experience on steam & condensate lines & heat exchange systems.
  • 1 Electrician who has extensive knowledge of control panels.


The company provides all the personnel with extensive ongoing training and has 8 Certified Boiler Operators and 3 Certified Boiler Management Supervisors. All training and certification is done by John Thompson and all operators are required to undergo re-certification & training every 3 years.


With Experience & Training, we take pride in our highly effective & efficient personnel who, as reflected by their many years of service, are dedicated to the values of the company.



The physical boiler cost forms the lowest component of the cost of generating steam. The annual costs of fuel for the boilers will exceed the initial capital outlay. Add to this labour, electricity, water and chemicals and the steam that is generated can becomes a costly resource. To these costs add inefficiencies such as scale build-up (caused by poor water treatment and incorrect blow-down procedures), soot build-up (caused by poor fuel/air ratios), dirty or faulty steam traps, leaking piping (an absolute killer), badly designed pipe layout (creating friction losses and excessive condensation) and faulty or scaled up equipment, and the cost of steam escalates astronomically and is suddenly not a viable commodity.


The company can save potential clients substantial amounts of money by offering the following professional services:


  • Boiler installations
  • Piping design and installation
  • Boiler repairs and refurbishment
  • Insurance claim inspections (damage analysis)
  • Performance testing and optimisation
  • Statutory inspections (required by law every three years)
  • Piping repairs and modifications and redesign for optimum efficiency
  • Affordable maintenance contracts to suit your application, which will include one statutory inspection


The company offers a complimentary scan which comprises a visual inspection. This inspection will inform potential clients as to what their requirements are for drafting a maintenance contract.


The inspection includes the following:


  • Logging of make, model and capacity of boiler.
  •  The general condition of the boiler.
  • Logging of last STATUTORY inspection.
  • Visual inspection of: manholes, level glasses, water level, flame and insulation.
  • Appurtenances: safety valves, mowbrey controls, crown valve, soot blowers, blow-down valve, vents and drains.
  • Feed pumps: vibration, glands & temp.
  • Steam piping and position.
  • Condensate system.
  • Expert recommendations.


In Conclusion:

Babak Steam Services can offer your company a full turnkey solution for all your Steam generation & steam Distribution requirements.


Attached are some of the major service and construction projects that the company has completed over the years.