Welcome to Babak Steam Services t/a Ulwazi Steam

Babak Steam Services has a boiler division that specialises in boiler and steam generating plant and equipment. The company, which has been in existence since 1980, has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Steam and Steam Generation industries. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the following industries: Hospitals, Laundries, Bakeries, Beverages, Food, Petroleum and Tyre.


The physical boiler cost is the lowest part of the cost of generating steam. In general the annual costs of fuel for the boiler will equal the initial capital outlay. Add labour, electriity, water and chemicals and the steam cost doubles. To these costs add inefficiencies such as Scale build-up (caused by poor water treatment and incorrect blow-down procedures), soot build-up (caused by poor fuel/air ratios), Dirty or faulty steam traps, leaking piping (an absolute killer), Badly designed pipe layout (creating friction losses and excessive condensation) and Faulty or Scaled up equipment, and the cost of steam escalates astronomically and is suddenly not a viable commodity.


Proudly a level 1 BBEE company